PointsBet is an Australian brand that is now famous in the online betting markets in the United States for its innovative type of wagering, PointsBetting. In contrast to the fixed odds wagering, the platform provides a different perspective on spreads and totals bets.  PointsBet Sportsbook in Missouri offers classic betting systems such as Parlays, spreading, live bet, over/under, live and pre-game, traditional parlays, and the innovative PointsBet option.

No, PointsBet Sportsbook is not legal in Missouri. Sports betting is almost non-existent in the state. Bills to allow online sports betting in Missouri have been submitted several times in recent years. None, however, have survived the test to become full-fledged legislation. However, there are methods for Missouri sports bettors to earn online sportsbook incentives when wagering in Illinois. Missouri currently has no legal sportsbooks. It is still an unregulated market with no rules that allow or restrict sports betting.

About PointsBet Sportsbook in MO

PointsBet Sportsbook in Missouri has one of the most interesting names in sports betting. In collaboration with NBC Sports, the Australian sportsbook is bringing something fresh to the sports betting industry. Furthermore, in addition to regular odds, it provides a type of wagering known as PointsBetting. A high-risk method of betting is available only through the new bookmaker.

It has created a very well-designed mobile app and browser site. Both from a visual and a technological standpoint. The software is quite simple to use, and the dark design makes surfing for bets easy on the eyes.

If you’re looking for a good deal, this is the place to go. Not only will you have a daily boost to use on one of your bet slips for the day, but there is also a slew of other promotions available to all customers on the sportsbook. Then there’s a terrific rewards program that’s simple and depends on the amount you bet.

How to sign up for PointsBet Missouri

If you are new to online sportsbooks, you may be scared by the procedure of joining PointsBet Missouri. However, you should not be. Step-by-step instruction for completing the sign-up is as below. You may see how simple it is for yourself.

1. Visit the PointsBet Sportsbook in Missouri site, click on any sign-up links and tap on sign up now.
2. After clicking the “Sign Up” button, input the PointsBet promo code, your first and last name, and your email address.
3. Then, finish the registration procedure by giving the necessary personal and account information. After selecting the proper state, this includes your birth date, contact information, and physical address.
4. Once you have agreed to the terms and conditions, you will be able to establish a username and password. Gamers will need this every time they place a bet on the sportsbook.
5. Finally, accept the necessary regulations and terms and conditions before clicking “Join.”

What types of bets are available on PointsBet Sportsbook in Missouri?

This Missouri sportsbook offers a diverse range of betting options. This sportsbook allows you to bet on a variety of sports and features a plethora of betting options. Individual games begin with standard wagering options. Players will discover other methods to bet as they go deeper into the games.

Each game at the sportsbook may feature over a hundred different methods to bet. Some of these unconventional gambling choices may be unfamiliar to seasoned sports gamblers. Here are some of the wagering options available:

  • Points spread bets – Bet on a team to cover the sportsbook’s point spread. Spread betting is a common sort of wager at online sportsbooks. Simply put, it is placing a wager on a particular team to win a game. A point spread bet is about who wins and by how much.
  • Fixed odds bets – Fixed-odds betting is a type of gambling against odds provided by a bookmaker, a person, or on a betting exchange. It entails betting on an event when the payout does not fluctuate. Fixed-odds betting enables bettors to lock in pricing and odds at the moment of their wager. Once the app accepts the bet, this value will not fluctuate in the future. Within the same gameplay, there may be multiple markets. Spreads, Moneylines, Totals (sometimes known as over/under), and Props are all examples of Fixed Odds Markets.
  • Parlay bets – A parlay is when you bet on two or more outcomes at the same time and combine the wagers into a more complex gamble with escalating returns. All bets on the parlay should win for the total bet to be a winner. A classic parlay might comprise of betting the spread on Team A vs. Team B AND wagering the Moneyline on Team C vs. Team D. Also, parlays can comprise various permutations of fixed odds spanning multiple sports, leagues, divisions, and so on. The more “legs” or outcomes you include in a parlay, the better the odds and the greater the probability of a payment. The app also offers Same Game Parlay, allowing bettors to mix multiple outcomes (or legs) from the same tournament. All legs must be completed successfully for the SGP to be a winner.
  • Live betting – One of the first things an expert sports bettor seeks in a sportsbook is live betting alternatives. This betting technique boosts the odds and the thrill and action. Live streaming also enables bettors to maintain track of their relevant games, especially foreign ones. Making it a prominent feature. When betting online, bettors who want to keep a record of in-game developments prefer live-streaming. Everyone does not have simple access to games in the sports markets. This is true when it comes to international athletic events. Live broadcasting becomes critical for predicting which way the odds will shift and canceling in-play bets at the right time.
  • Money line bets – A money line bet is one of the simplest types of bets to place on a sportsbook, and it is only about who wins. It is a type of bet in which player bets on a group to win a game completely. Bettors must pay a premium to gamble on the superior team in a given contest. Conversely, a wager on the poorer team encourages the bigger potential returns.
  • Prop bets – A prop bet, sometimes known as a “proposition,” is betting on a particular player or team-related event that happens during a game. Each prop bet has odds allocated to the possible results of that event. Consider it a scenario that a betting app provides to gamblers, who then choose whether or not it will happen. Assume you browse to a sporting event where prop bets are available. They could be props for a player, a group, or a game.
  • Single/ straight bets – Straight bets are the simplest to understand and are ideal for beginner and moderate bettors. A straight bet is a single betting on the result of a single event. Straight bets may comprise of a spread, Moneyline, total (or over/under), propositions, and other wagers.

Payment methods for PointsBet Sportsbook in MO

We’ll start by outlining all the payment options available to players. These comprise both deposit and withdrawal options.

  • Visa/Mastercard debit cards – Visa/ Mastercard debit cards are the most popular modes of payment for sportsbooks. These do not levy many fees and are the widest modes of payment- deposit or withdrawal. Moreover are easy and simple to use.
  • Credit cards – Credit cards are a popular mode of payment for betting sites. Credit card deposits are free of charge, but your credit card company may impose a processing fee or even a cash credit fee.
  • Prepaid cards – Prepaid cards for sports betting are gradually becoming one of the simplest and most secure ways to fund your online sports betting account. The biggest advantage of utilizing a prepaid credit card over a regular credit or debit card while betting online is an added layer of protection. Since your banking and credit details aren’t linked to a prepaid card, they can’t be shared with merchants. You may successfully keep your personal information private by using a prepaid card. Most prepaid cards do not charge monthly fees and do not require a minimum account balance.
  • Play+ – Since this is a prepaid card, you have full control over how much cash is in your Play+ card at any given time. This implies you can withdraw from your bank account till you fall into overdraft, or you can combine your betting payments with your other expenditures in your PayPal account.
  • Neteller – Neteller is another famous UK-based e-wallet service, providing consumers with a quick and easy way to transfer money without disclosing their credit card information to genuine betting sites. If you use NETELLER as your payment method, you can expect lightning-fast withdrawals and deposits, but the fees will be greater than with most other ways, so bear that in mind on all occasions.
  • PayPal – With over 300 million users globally, it is one of the most popular e-wallets. All of your information and transactions are secure, and all of your payment information is stored on your account.
  • Bank transfer – The bank transfers, like bank cards, are direct payments from your personal banks to your sportsbook, which implies you’ll establish a link between the two. Transfers, unlike bank cards, are typically available for both deposits and withdrawals. They are also often quick and inexpensive.

What is the PointsBet mobile betting app like in Missouri?

PointsBet mobile betting app in Missouri is a great platform to bet on sports using your smartphone. The app has a sleek design. The betting app also provides a variety of profitable recurrent promos and some of the finest spread lines in the industry at times.

PointsBet mobile app review

The PointsBet mobile app is relatively new to American bettors, but it has swiftly created a name for itself. With its stable platform, diverse betting options, and reasonable pricing, the seasoned operator provides US bettors with the opportunity to win big. Read more about the biggest benefits of the PointsBet mobile app below:

  • Substantial bonuses and promotions – There aren’t many legal online sportsbooks in the United States that can compete with this app’s huge promos. New players receive two risk-free bets, followed by greater parlay payouts, money-back offers, higher odds, reward points, and other perks.
  • The only app that offers PointsBetting – The PointsBetting option is ideal for those who enjoy swinging for the fences. If your team wins big, you win big, too. But be cautious – a big loss could wipe out your money.
  • The user experience is excellent – PointsBet mobile app offers a simple yet professional design with an easy-to-use interface. The support team is polite and competent, the cashier is simple to use, and the bonuses have no wagering limitations.

The Pointsbet sportsbook website

PointsBet has a highly attractive and modern sports betting website. Despite the fact that everything on the site is completely readable, it uses dark reds and blacks to generate a delightfully ambient experience. The primary language choices on the site are English and Spanish.

Open the navigation menu to examine the numerous options offered to gamblers. Sports listings, promotional incentives, and increased odds are a few examples. The bottom section of the website includes company information, Terms and Conditions, Privacy Policy, and FAQ.

Users can also find a fantastic offer for newbies. It offers the Revis Betting Academy to rookie punters, which walks them via the betting procedure prior they make their first bet.

We can’t talk about the usability without discussing the company’s great sports betting app. This software is accessible for both Android and iOS smartphones, and it allows users to access the company’s distinctive fixed-odds and spread betting offerings while on the road.

Aside from that, the betting site runs smoothly, with easy connections for logging in and viewing your bet slip. We also enjoyed the side menu, which lets you explore sports alphabetically, play a fast parlay, examine the most current specials, and even modify your odds choice.

What are the drawbacks of the website?

Some of the cons of the PointsBet betting website are:

  • Odds change greatly depending on the market.
  • Limited withdrawal choices.
  • Live betting could broaden the market.
  • Payment options may be restricted to a single state.
  • The in-play system requires improvement
  • It’s unpredictable and risky, and if you’re not cautious, it can really harm your budget.
  • Glitchy, with a proclivity for “spinning the wheel” when placing wagers
  • Building a reputation for promptly banning/limiting players

Bonuses available on PointsBet Sportsbook

There are numerous sports betting bonuses available. Some are worth more than others. Whereas others allow you to increase profits, and few enable you to minimize losses. Some perks may undoubtedly be more appealing to you than others, based on the type of bettor you are. Read on to find the most common of them:

  • Refer a friend bonus – When you’re on your journey as a PointsBet customer, it won’t be long before you want to tell your friends about it. Referring it to friends can result in a large payday: Eligible customers are eligible for a free wager.
  • Boosted odds bonus – Every day, PointsBet Sportsbook offers increased or boosted odds on a variety of picks. Indeed, the breadth of these promotions is a large part of what makes the Pointsbetting app a good offer than most other licensed sportsbooks. The odds boosters can be applied to entire sports genres, certain wager kinds, or even particular games.
  • Match deposit bonus – While not always accessible, a deposit match bonus has been provided to new clients.
  • Cashback bonus – A Money-Back or Cashback benefit is intended to assist you in saving cash. Cashback incentives are fantastic since they help you avoid losses by refunding a proportion of your losses. The app frequently features cashback promotions. In this situation, the sportsbook returns a portion of the money you bet over a timeframe. You typically only get money back on losing bets, and the money can come in the form of cash, free bets, or bonus cash.
  • No risk bonus – The PointsBetting app sometimes offers this bonus to entice newbies to join the platform. After registering for a new account, newbies will earn risk-free bets. The value of the bonus offer is determined by the size of a new player’s initial deposit and their individual wagers.

Pointsbet promo code in Missouri

PointsBet Sportsbook has a good selection of promotions for bettors. Free bets have no playthrough limitations at the sportsbook, making them significantly more profitable. The sorts of promotions they provide are related to many of the major games and events that are currently on the sports calendar.

Some of the PointsBet Sportsbook promotions in Missouri include:

  • Single gameplay parlay booster.
  • Parlay Booster.
  • Cashout spread and totals and many more.

Does PointsBet Sportsbook have a retail venue in Missouri?

No, PointsBet Sportsbook does not have a retail venue in Missouri. The state of Missouri has long had a favorable perception of gaming. Also, Missouri has expressed interest in legalizing sports betting in recent years by launching a slew of bills aimed at legalizing domestic sports wagering.

Bookmakers are not permitted to provide regional Missouri sports betting services as of January 2022. Fortunately, the status quo may eventually change, as some Missouri lawmakers have jumped on the nationwide sports betting regulation wave that accompanied the Supreme Court’s repeal of PAPSA.

Between 2018 and 2019, several measures to allow sports betting were introduced, notably H 2320, S 1009, and H 2535. Unfortunately, each Missouri sports betting bill had several flaws originating from legislators’ ignorance of legal sports betting industry standards. The 2020 COVID-19 pandemic also did not help.

Nonetheless, sports betting in Missouri is on its way to being legal. Regrettably, legalization is only the beginning. Even if casinos or riverboats are permitted to accept wagers from Missouri people, it will take at least six to twelve months for useful sports gambling services to emerge.

Since sports betting is not presently permitted in Missouri, no legal sportsbooks are functioning in the state. If and when sports betting becomes legal in Missouri, we anticipate that organizations wishing to benefit from the business potential will need to collaborate with a Missouri-based actual casino. Incumbents such as DraftKings, FanDuel, BetMGM, Caesars, and PointsBet are the most likely candidates for these online collaborations.

PointsBet customer service in Missouri

PointsBet Sportsbook is a competent operator who understands how to look after its clients. Clients can contact the support team of PointsBet Missouri via the phone number or live chat, or email 24 hours a day, seven days a week. So, we recommend visiting the help page for answers to frequently asked questions, which should alleviate the majority of users’ problems.

The history of PointsBet

PointsBet Sportsbook is an Australian sportsbook that takes pride in having the fastest and most user-friendly software (iOS and Android) and giving the greatest information and experience for sports bettors.

PointsBet is a comparatively recent sportsbook in comparison to its competitors, having its origin in Australia to tremendous success in 2017. It came to the US sports betting fray immediately after PASPA was got overturn and became the ninth sportsbook to open in the territory of New Jersey on January 17, 2019.

However, it didn’t take long for it to win over the hearts of American gamblers by teaming up with former NBA great Allen Iverson, who became the sportsbook’s spokesperson.


Is PointsBet a legitimate sportsbook in Missouri?

Yes, PointsBet is a legitimate sportsbook in Missouri. The betting platform is a favorite amongst players from Missouri and across the United States. PointsBet Sportsbook is a fully licensed sports betting site and very secure.

What age do I need to be to play on PointsBet Sportsbook in MO?

You need to be 21 years old to play on PointsBet Sportsbook in Missouri. To register an account and participate in betting, a bettor must be 21 years old or older. Also, importantly while placing bets, he or she must also be actually situated in a legally authorized place. Furthermore, some of the places that have legalized betting are New York, New Jersey, Iowa, Michigan, Indiana, Colorado, Virginia, West Virginia, and Illinois. To implement this rule, the site makes use of geolocation technologies.

Does PointsBet Sportsbook in Missouri have a minimum deposit amount?

Yes, the minimal deposit on PointsBet Sportsbook is $5. This is less than most sportsbooks, which have a minimum deposit of $10. If it’s your first time betting on PointsBet Sportsbook, you may receive a sign up bonus to go along with your deposit.