Missouri is home to five major professional sports teams. More than six million individuals reside here, many of whom like betting on their favorite sports. Everyone likes beginning from zero and ending with something in every move. Free bets in Missouri are super popular amongst bettors. In this guide, we are going to let you know exactly how free bets in Missouri work.

Free bets explained

A free bet is precisely what the name implies: the opportunity to place a bet without having to spend anything or risk losing your own money. When you make a free bet, the betting site assumes the risk on your behalf.  When a player joins a Missouri sportsbook, they usually get free bets as a welcome bonus. Free bets mean allowing you to wager without any risks.

If the player wins, the earnings belong to the player. Even if they lose, they don’t actually lose money. Before you go into the vast world of online gambling and betting, a better choice is to experiment with free betting possibilities.

Pros and cons of free bets in Missouri

Free bets are an excellent way to get started in sports betting without risking any money. You can win real money without risk by taking advantage of the greatest free bet offers. Read on to dig a little deeper on what are the benefits and drawbacks of free bets:


  • Not spending your funds – You’re not spending your money. If you roll just a few lucky bets and end up winning, you’ve made free money!
  • Claim free money – The most significant benefit of free bets is that you can make free money. Despite the fact that some free bets are a better choice than other bets, there is no risk attached.
  • Explore different betting markets – You can utilize free bets in Missouri on a variety of markets or sports that you might not normally wager on. Try with wagers that you would ordinarily put your own funds on.
  • Compare odds – Free bet offers are an excellent way to compare sportsbooks. You might come upon a sports betting site with fantastic NFL odds, or one with the finest live betting odds. Utilizing your free credit enables you to see how the sportsbook works in real life.


  • Rollover criteria and qualifying odds – The best free bets have low rollover criteria and qualifying odds. However, there are numerous sportsbooks that provide unreasonable conditions. This implies that, even if you get a free bet, you’re doubtful to ever be able to withdraw actual money.
  • Free bets amount is less – Even the best free bet offers can have modest bet amounts. You may only receive a $10 free bet. Sportsbooks understand that there can never be too much of a wonderful thing.
  • False confidence to bet – Since the money is free and not yours, you will be less likely to employ betting strategies. If you win this bet, you may gain a false sense of confidence and continue to place bets.
  • Sign up is essential – Signing up is essential to place free bets in Missouri. As a result, they can bombard you with merchandise and offers.
  • No cashback – Free bets do not repay the stake.
  • Wagering requirements – Qualifying standards can be extremely difficult to meet.
  • You may need to deposit – Usually, punters will need to make a deposit in order to receive a free bet.
  • T&Cs – Terms and conditions can be tough to meet at times.

How to get a free bet in Missouri

Free bets are the most straightforward betting bonus you can claim in Missouri. Moreover, they are simple and easy to secure. There are numerous ways to get free bets from betting websites. Simply look at the list below to see how to claim a free bet in Missouri at betting sites or apps. Some provide them when you sign — up, while others provide them on a regular basis.

  • Find a promo code – You may need to redeem a sportsbook promo code in order to collect an offer, bonus, or free bets. Many websites and applications, on the other hand, require a minimum deposit just before offer or bonus may be credited to your account. The utilization of promo codes and bonuses is one of the primary selling points for the top betting apps. Therefore, it is in both parties’ best interests to make the process as quick and simple as possible. If you opt to use a betting app that requires a code, make sure you correctly copy the code from the site or even other bonus-offering apps. Then, paste it into the code box on the app. Your bonus will then be credited to your account.
  • Sign up for a betting site in MO that offers free bets – New users can utilize the sign-up incentive to make free bets. This bonus is for the new users as an appealing amount for setting up a new betting account at betting sites. It is normally paid to the customer’s account to be used as an initial payment to make their first free bet.
  • Receive a free bet through customer service – Users can even contact the customer service of the betting site or app to receive its free bets in . Customer service can be reached via email, phone or chat and soon the user gets the free bet into the account.
  • Automatically receive one on your birthday on some betting sites – This one is very self-explanatory. This is a reward you receive on your birthday! All you have to do to acquire it is visit the betting site on your birthday, and you will be rewarded with free bets with no deposit or wagering conditions. However, in order to receive the bonus, you must ensure that you have entered all of the required information while creating your account.

Betting sites in Missouri that may offer free bets

The concept behind betting sites providing free bets in Missouri to new clients is that if the user wins the first bet, they will continue depositing funds and place bets using their service. Read more about the best free betting sites in Missouri below:

BetRivers Missouri

BetRivers Sportsbook is an excellent online sports betting platform that provides the highest odds on all major sporting events and leagues throughout the world. The site also provides a fantastic range of live in-play markets. This makes BetRivers Sportsbook among the most convenient sites to put free bets on sports.

The website is simple to use and contains a wealth of information about each market. Such as how much they give out, whether they have any additional features, and what their payout percentage is.

DraftKings Missouri

DraftKings is one of the greatest sportsbooks that sometimes offer free bets in Missouri. In fact, they were among the first legal wagering and gambling vendors to operate outside of Nevada.

DraftKings is currently available in numerous places around the United States, including Indiana and Colorado. The company has created a mobile app that is compatible with both iOS and Android.

PointsBet Missouri

PointsBet has to be one of the most interesting names in sports betting and for free bets. The Australian bookmaker, in collaboration with NBC Sports, is bringing something fresh to the online betting industry. In addition to regular odds, PointsBet provides a type of wagering known as PointsBetting.

A high-risk method of betting is available only through the new bookmaker. PointsBet has created a very well-designed mobile betting app and website. Both from an attractive and a technological standpoint. The software is quite simple to use and pleasant on the eyes. PointsBet does not compromise any quality in addition to the standard odds by delivering its PointsBetting method.

FanDuel Missouri

FanDuel Sportsbook first opened its doors in New Jersey, and it has since grown rapidly. They have a lovely, eye-catching website, and also a comparable app that excels in terms of navigability, design, and services given.

The FanDuel platform is free and easily available for download on all platforms, including iOS and Android, and it is legal because it uses authorized casino agreements. At FanDuel Missouri, you will often get free bets accredited to your account.

Free bets in Missouri wagering requirements

In today’s ultra-competitive world of digital betting, it’s difficult to find an online sportsbook that doesn’t provide a variety of rewards to both new and existing clients.

When deciding which online betting website to use, it’s critical to examine those offers and choose which are ideal for you. Apart from value, the most significant item to consider is the wagering requirements that may be imposed to the free bet on offer.

What are wagering requirements?

Wagering requirements are the conditions that must be met in order to withdraw any winnings linked to a free bet. All bonuses include terms and restrictions that govern what a player must bet or wager in order to withdraw bonus cash or wins related to that amount. To profit from any promotion, you must essentially meet these terms or criteria.

The sports section of a MO gambling site is the most typical spot to discover free bets. In general, the wagering conditions associated with a free bet will be substantially less rigorous than those associated with the spins and matched deposits.

While most often, the terms and conditions will need you to meet certain criteria before you are granted access to the free bet. Take, for example, William Hill, which offers two £15 free bets at the sign-up phase. Not every gambler who joins with William Hill will be eligible for the free bet since not every player will meet the rules outlined in the terms and conditions.

For instance A bettor must a) deposit £10 and b) wager that £10 on a bet with a minimal odds criterion of 1/2 in able to qualify for the free bets. The first risk is achieving the bookmaker’s wagering requirement.


Can I get a free bet without a promo code in MO?

Yes, you can get a free bet in Missouri without a promo code. In certain circumstances, no promo code is essential to receive a welcome incentive like a free bet. Soon after signing up to the account, you need to check in for a bonus, either through using a promo code or by just joining and completing your initial deposit.

Can I bet on anything I want with free bets in Missouri?

No, you can’t bet on anything you want with free bets in Missouri. Many of the online sportsbook bonuses come with wagering requirements. This includes limited game selection, a multiple betting amount must be wagered before you can withdraw, and limited betting types to choose from.

Are free bets really free on betting sites in MO?

Free bets in MO are not really free as you usually have to deposit in order to receive them. Some online sportsbooks in Missouri will offer a free bet with a no deposit bonus, but you will need to meet certain wagering requirements.