This guide will help you know more about Play+ betting sites in Missouri including the drawbacks, and some frequently asked questions about this payment method.

About Play+ betting sites in Missouri

Play+ is considered to be the market leader among prepaid cards that are used mainly when funding Missouri online sportsbooks and casinos. It offers a reloadable account that is authorized by the Federal Deposit Insurance Corporation (FDIC). Customers can fund their betting accounts on online sportsbooks, casinos, and retail gambling sites using Play+.

Play+ overview

Sightline Payments developed the Play+ payment system to address the need for a safe and fast solution to fund online accounts. The continuous proliferation of online gambling further propelled the growth of Play+.

Currently, Play+ was able to process over $5 billion worth of transactions in around 15+ online gambling platforms across the U.S. Play+ was also the winner of the 2017 Casino Journal’s “Top 20 Most Innovative Gaming Technology Award.”

Funding betting accounts in Missouri with Play+

Bettors need to sign-up for a free Play+ account first on betting sites before they can fund their accounts. You can proceed to the betting sites that accept Play+ and select this option from the list of payment methods.

1. Register on a sports betting site in Missouri that accepts Play+

From there, you can click on “create new account” and input the required personal data. Some of the details that Play+ requires to include name, address, email, and your SS numbers’ last four digits. The site will need you to confirm your agreement to the terms and conditions before you can proceed further.

2. Choose Play+ as payment method

Once you complete the registration process, you can log in to your account on the chosen betting platform. Once there, you can click on the Play+ option on the banking or cashier menu.

You can then click the “fund account” button and select from various funding methods to fund your Play+ account. The page will then require you to fill-up the required fields such as the credit or debit card number and the deposit amount before you can authorize this deposit.

3. Enter your deposit amount and confirm the transaction

As soon as the money is in your Play+ account, you can choose this method from the list of deposit options on the betting platform. The page will then ask you the deposit amount and will request your confirmation. As soon as you complete this step, your betting account should instantly reflect the fund amount. With this funding, you can now start betting on the platform.

Some of the major Play+ betting sites in Missouri that bettors can choose from include DraftKings, FanDuel, BetMGM, and Caesars. Bettors can undertake deposit and withdrawal transactions for their playing accounts on these betting sites that accept Play+.

  • DraftKings Missouri – DraftKings is one of the popular betting sites that offers its own branded Play+prepaid card. With this Play+ prepaid card from DraftKings, bettors can use their funds to bet on various sports betting events on the platform. DraftKings charges $2 when you transfer from your account to your bank. However, it has no bank card load fee.
  • FanDuel Missouri – Play+ also partnered with FanDuel to provide its payment solutions to the bettors on this platform. The FanDuel branded prepaid Play+ card allows its customers to fund their betting accounts. The card is also tied up to the FanDuel loyalty program for maximum benefits. FanDuel also has a $2 charge for every account to bank transfer transactions. For bank card loading, there are no charges.
  • BetMGM Missouri – Bettors can also set up their Play+ accounts on the BetMGM site to receive a branded prepaid Play+ card and fund their betting accounts. As with the other betting sites, BetMGM’s partnership with Play+ enables its customers to easily fund their betting accounts. With BetMGM, the account to bank transfer fee is also $2. However, it has a bank card load fee of 2.85% of the loaded amount.
  • Caesars Missouri – Caesars also integrated Play+ as one of the payment solutions on its platform. The sportsbook also released its own Caesar-branded Play+ prepaid card. The Play+ payment solution is linked to its Total Rewards Loyalty program. When using Play+ in Caesars’ platform, customers will also get a $2 charge for their account to bank transfers. When loading their bank cards, Caesars will charge them 2.95% of the loaded amount.

Benefits of Play+ on betting sites in MO

Customers typically select Play+ as their payment method on various betting sites in Missouri. They usually cite the benefits outlined below to justify their choice.

  • Integrated with most betting sites – Play+ is integrated with most of the popular and licensed betting platforms. With Play+, you don’t have to worry about not finding it as one of your payment method options on these betting sites.
  • Exclusive bonuses from Play+ – Play+ has several tie-ins with various sportsbooks and casino brands. Through this partnership, bettors can claim exclusive Play+ bonuses if they will use this payment solution on Play+ betting platforms. These bonuses can include cashback, freebies, and other special deals.
  • Quick processing time – Betting platforms can instantly process your deposits and withdrawals if you will opt to use Play+. This payment solution is designed to handle these transactions seamlessly through these sites. You can also withdraw your funds from the nearest ATM using the Play+ physical prepaid cards.
  • Minimal fees on most deposit and withdrawal transactions – You only need to pay a minimal amount when using Play+ on betting sites. These fees are typically charged only for card loads or ATM transactions. These rates may vary across various betting sites, but they are usually very low.
  • Secure payment solution – Play+ offers a secure payment solution as it uses the most advanced encryption protection to safeguard all transactions. It also stores all funds in an FDIC-backed bank. With these safety nets in place, Play+ aims to protect its customers from cyberattacks and other financial risks.
  • No credit check needed – Play+ doesn’t require their customers to undergo a credit check before they can open an account. New bettors don’t need to worry about their credit history when setting up a Play+ account. Play+ is then a better option than other payment methods that check your financial background first before granting you an account.

Drawbacks of Play+ betting sites in Missouri

Play+ offers a good payment solution on many betting sites in the state. However, bettors need to know some of its drawbacks to ensure that they can minimize the risks associated with these concerns. This way, they can reap the most benefits from various Play+ betting sites Missouri platforms.

  • Need new Play+ accounts for every betting site – The major drawback of Play+ involves its requirement for customers to create new Play+ accounts for every betting platform that they join. This process can be tedious if a customer is a bettor on multiple gambling platforms. To minimize the impact of this drawback, Play+ made it easy for its customers to create Play+ accounts on its partner betting sites.
  • Deposit limits concerns for some clients – Bettors who are wealthier might find the deposit ceilings to be too limiting. Currently, the Play+ deposit limits are $2,000 (daily), $4,500 (weekly), and $10,000 (monthly). They have to join the VOP program first to obtain higher deposit limits.

Are there any Play+ alternatives for sportsbooks in MO?


Is Play+ a safe way to deposit on betting sites in MO?

Yes, Play+ provides a safe solution to deposit on betting sites in MO. It has put in place the most updated encryption measures to protect you from cyber-attacks. Play+ also stores your funds safely in FDIC-backed financial institutions to shield your funds from common financial risks. FDIC should be able to return your funds up to a certain amount if these banks encounter problems.

How long does it take to withdraw to Play+ from a betting site in MO?

Play+ typically processes withdrawals from betting sites in MO instantly. You can also use your sportsbook-branded Play+ prepaid cards to instantly withdraw your money from ATMs. Play+ sends these ATM-ready prepaid cards to all its account holders around two weeks after they fund their account for the first time.

Do all betting sites in Missouri accept Play+?

Not all online sports betting sites in Missouri accepts Play+. Only licensed sportsbooks and casino operators can partner with Play+. Before Play+ can be used on these betting sites, it will need to agree first on the terms of partnership with these operators. After the contract signing, Play+ can integrate and launch its payment solutions program on these betting sites’ platforms.