Online sports betting in Missouri has grown in popularity over the last few years. As surrounding states have legalized sports betting, Missouri residents have had the opportunity to try out this exciting pastime. Placing bets on sports matches provides an added level of excitement while at the same time, legal betting provides much-needed revenue for the state.

Best online sports betting sites in Missouri

DraftKings Missouri Best betting site for mobile app wagering
FanDuel Missouri Best betting site for NFL betting
PointsBet Missouri Best betting site for NHL betting
BetRivers Missouri Best betting site for live-betting

If you’re looking to bet on sports online in Missouri, then these betting sites are some of the best. They feature professionally designed websites and easy to use mobile apps. They put the punter at the centre of everything they do in order to keep them happy and coming back for more betting.

These Missouri online sports betting sites have also been chosen because of their great reviews from account holders in the state and in other states in the country.

DraftKings Missouri

DraftKings Missouri has been designed to give you everything you need, but it still manages to not be cluttered. They’ve also made sure to take care of those who prefer to use their phone for placing bets. Their sports betting app in Missouri is one of the best and features all kinds of incentives to use it such as additional loyalty points and added bonuses.

There are hundreds of sports markets for you to choose from at DraftKings. You’ll get odds for everything from American Football leagues, European soccer tournaments and competitive college games to bet on. You just have to choose what appeals to you the most.

In addition to the sportsbook, you can also enjoy Daily Fantasy Sports on the DraftKings platform. Not only can you participate, but you can also place bets there. DrafKings also has a casino for when you want to try something else, other than betting.

📋 Sports betting bookie: DraftKings Missouri
🏅 Expected welcome bonus: 20$ risk-free bet
📱 App betting: Yes
📅 Live in Missouri: Not yet

BetRivers Missouri

The BetRivers sports betting site is a favorite among Missouri residents. They have a website which works well on a desktop and on a mobile phone. However, for an even more immersive experience. You should also download their sports betting app through the Apple Store or the Google Play Store.

Once you’re created your sports betting account, you’ll have immediate access to the best sports betting markets in the world. You’ll get betting options that include futures, moneylines, player props and plenty more. In addition, you can enjoy live streaming of big matches through the app and also bet on the live matches as they happen.

Other than the usual betting markets and great odds, BetRivers also gives punters top-notch customer service as well as a secure environment to make deposits and withdrawals with peace of mind. Don’t forget to also check their promotions section to find available bonuses and how to join their iRush Rewards Program.

📋 Sports betting bookie: BetRivers Missouri
🏅 Expected welcome bonus: 100% up to 100$ deposit bonus
📱 App betting: Yes
📅 Live in Missouri: Not yet

FanDuel Missouri

Join the FanDuel family for free when you sign up with them through their website or via the Fanduel sports betting app in Missouri, New Your, Virginia, New Jersey and many other states. Bet on all your favorite sports including NBA games, UFC fights, PGA tours Tennis Majors and more.

There are many betting types to choose from with in-game betting offers being one of the most popular. Punters registered with FanDuel also get to enjoy same game parlay betting as well as features and boosted betting odds for specific sporting events.

While placing your bets, also make sure the check the promotions page to see the kind of bonuses on offer at FanDuel. They range from boosted odds and parlay insurance, through to risk free bets and big win bonuses. Not only can you get in on the action with the sports betting site, but there’s also a FanDuel casino where you can try out the slots and table games.

📋 Sports betting bookie: FanDuel Missouri
🏅 Expected welcome bonus: 10$ no deposit bonus
📱 App betting: Yes
📅 Live in Missouri: Not yet

PointsBet Missouri

Enjoy a fast betting experience with PointsBet Missouri. This sports betting site understands that sports fans are true thrill-seekers who expect a quick and smoothing betting process — from depositing to placing a bet, to making withdrawals.

All the top sports in America are available for betting, including college sports like football and basketball, as well as professional leagues like the MLB and the NHL. The best odds are always on full display before a game in order to give punters a good place to start when they are ready to make a bet.

Other than the traditional betting types such as spread, over/under and pre-game same-game parlays, you can also experiment with live in-game betting and PointsBetting.

When it comes to their betting app’s best features, the PointsBet app has live streaming functionality as well as statistical visualizations. You can also enjoy interactive betting methods such as “Name a Bet features” and the Share a Bet options, which allows you to share your betting activities and wins on social media.

📋 Sports betting bookie: PointsBet Missouri
🏅 Expected welcome bonus: 99$ deposit match bonus
📱 App betting: Yes
📅 Live in Missouri: Not yet

About online sports betting in Missouri

The best way to get involved with online sports betting in Missouri is to join a sports betting site operating in the state. It’s just a matter of registering, verifying your information rather than making your first deposit. A good online sports betting site will ensure that this process is as smooth as possible.

With the above in mind, we’ve put together the below guide to help you make the most of the best betting sites in Missouri. From the best online gambling sites in Missouri to tips for beginners, you’ll get a comprehensive guide to get you started. We’ve also included some commonly asked questions around the laws on online sports betting as well as the best sports and teams in the state to bet on.

Online sports betting is not legal in the state of Missouri. However, legislators are working very hard to change this. A number of bills have been passed to put the legalization of sports betting into motion. Progress is at an advanced stage and so, it’s just a matter of time before sports betting in Missouri becomes legal.

Because sports betting online in MO is not yet legal, residents may opt to bet legally while in neighboring states. That requires them to travel there in order to be within the geographical location. Others may choose to bet with offshore sports betting istes, but this is not usually a very good idea. Those offshore sites are not regulated by American laws and may not be legit. It’s best to avoid them.

Missouri is a big sporting state, and it has produced some of the best sports teams in the United States. Below, we’ll take a look at some of the top performers across multiple sports such as baseball, ice hockey and football.

  • River City Rascals (Baseball) – The River City Rascals were one of the most successful professional baseball teams in the United States despite their relatively short existence so far when compared to other pro baseball teams. The team was founded in 1993 but was dissolved in 2019. However, they won 5 division championships and 3 league championships during their short lifespan. They were part of the West Division of the Frontier League. This league is not associated with the very popular Major League Baseball (MLB). Because they no longer exist, Missouri residents can’t place any bets on them.
  • St. Louis Eagles (Ice hockey) – This pro ice hockey team only played one MLB season back in 1934-35. They have an interesting history as they were founded in 1883 and were called the Ottawa Senators. They managed to join the NHL as a charter member in 1917. Due to financial constraints, the team was forced to dissolve in 1935. Its players were given to other remaining NHL teams. This team is not to be confused with the U14’s St Louis Eagles Ice Hockey team. Betting on sports involving minors is illegal and so, you shouldn’t be able to place bets on this younger team.
  • Missouri Tigers (Basketball) – The Missouri Tigers are a college basketball team representing the University of Missouri in the Southeastern Conference (SEC). Before the 2012-13 seasons, this men’s basketball team was part of the Big 12 Conference. In 2021, the Tigers took part in the NCAA Division I basketball tournament and look forward to continuing playing with other highly talented teams. In the 2019-20 season, the Missouri Tigers had one of their best performances ever with a record of 1,655–1,182 and a winning percentage of .583.
  • St. Louis Blues (Ice Hockey) – The St. Louis Blues are a professional ice hockey team that’s part of the National Hockey League (NHL) as a member of the Western Conference’s Central Division. Their home games are played at the Enterprise Center which is located in downtown St. Louis and sits just over 19,000 people. Ice hockey fans are always assured of a good time when the St. Louis Blues are playing. They were founded in 1967 and have won the sought after Stanley Cup in the 2018-19 season. Other big wins since being founded are the President’s trophy and 10 division championships between 1968 and 2020. It’s clear that the St. Louis Blues are definitely a team to bet on based on their many successes in the recent past
  • St. Louis FC (Soccer): St. Louis are one of the newest professional soccer teams in America. It was founded in 2014 but was dissolved in 2020. They played in the USL Championship league with home matches played at the 5,500 seater West Community Stadium.

How to bet on sports in MO

If you’re new to online sports betting in Missouri, then you’ll want to read our step-by-step guide on how to place a bet. It’s not complicated at all and most good sportsbooks have user-friendly interfaces that guide you through the process. Within a few minutes, you can go from registering to withdrawing your first winnings.

1. Sign up for an online betting site in Missouri

To get started, you’ll need to find a sports betting website to sign up at within Missouri. Look for the top results on this page and consider the betting sites with the best reviews. Also, check for the sign up bonuses they have on offer and consider these as you make your decision.

When you find a sports betting site in Missouri that sounds the most appealing to you, sign up with it. You’ll be asked to fill out a quick form with your username and email address. To make sure that you’re legally betting, you’ll need to prove your location through your device’s geolocator. In addition, proof of your age is required. A copy of your government issued ID will be required to verify your age.

2. Use a promo code if you have one

During the registration process, you might be asked to provide a sports betting promo code. If you’re lucky enough to have one, enter it. You’ll unlock a great bonus such as a sign-up bonus or a cashback bonus on losses.

If you don’t have a promo code, don’t panic. If the betting site offers a sign up bonus, they might automatically credit it to your account once you complete the registration.

3. Deposit funds

Now that you’ve created your account, you can now add some funds to it. You’ll need to go to the cashier section on your account to get started with the depositing of funds. You’re likely to see a few options on how you’d want to deposit. These could be an e-wallet like PayPal, a debit or credit card or an e-check. Pick the one that’s most convenient for you and go through the depositing process.

At this point you can decide how much you want to add. Depending on the deposit method you chose, you should be able to see your funds within a few seconds or minutes.

4. Bet on your favorite sports teams

With some cash in your sportsbook account, you’ll now be ready to place bets. Check the available markets and different odds and pick a game to bet on. There’ll be different types of bets you can place, so pick one that you believe will give you the best profits. You can also make use of your betting bonus of you have one.

Daily Fantasy Sports betting in Missouri

Back in 2016, the state of Missouri legalized betting on daily fantasy sports (DFS). They joined 9 other states in allowing residents to place wagers in their favorite DFS games without worrying about breaking the law. The new House Bill exempted DFS provided from state gambling regulations.

Fans of this type of betting can enjoy them on sports betting websites in Missouri such as DraftKings and FanDuel. These sites have firmly established themselves as leaders in this industry and so, you’ll be assured of an enjoyable experience.

What is Daily Fantasy Sports?

DFS is when users get to bet on games where they’ve assembled their own professional teams. The team members are basically based off of existing professional players’ statistics and performances in real games.

By placing bets on games within this fantasy sports element, bettors have an added level of thrill associated with sports betting. These bets are not based on actual sports games, but rather on individual player’s performances within the DFS platform.

College sports betting in MO

One of the most active and exciting sports betting scenes in Missouri is around college sports. These young athletes are hungry for victory and this makes for very entertaining sports games. Because of this, Missouri betting sites provide betting odds for these leagues. Punters enjoy watching and placing bets on this market, which helps to add to the action on the sportsbook.

Some of the most popular sports to bet on are football and basketball. March Madness, for example, is one of the biggest basketball tournaments in the college basketball annual calendar.

To get an idea of just how popular college sports betting is in America, in general, the NFL is the most bet on leagues in the country, this is followed by college football. After these football markets, the NBA is the third most bet on, followed by college basketball as the fourth.

A history of online sports betting in Missouri

Missouri lawmakers have been working on a bill to make online sports betting fully legal in Missouri. They’ve been looking to propose different variants of sports betting bills in order to go around the many other bills that have been turned down.

In May of 2018, a Supreme Court decision overturned a two-decade-long ban on sports gambling in the United States. This ban was introduced under the Professional and Amateur Sports Protection Act (PAPSPA) law of 1992. State officials in Missouri, as of 2019, at least, have been debating on sports betting bills, and the general feeling is that it’ll be legalized very soon. As it stands, Missouri’s gambling laws allow for the state lottery, land-based casino activities and riverboat gambling.

Missouri’s professional sports teams are in full support of the legalization of sports betting as they’re aware that it could be a way of making extra money through sponsorships. The state itself also stands to make millions in revenue from sportsbook registration and licensing fees, as well as taxes on winnings.

Beginners tips for sports betting online

Sports betting online continues to grow in popularity and new bettors continue to search for more information. Fortunately, the internet is not short of tips and information on how to place a bet on a sport.

However, not all advice is good. As a punter, you’ll need to use more than just your gut feeling when choosing a sportsbook and when placing a bet on a game.

Below, we’ve gathered some top tips to help you get started with websites and mobile sports betting in Missouri. This guide will empower you with making the right choices that protect your wallet and allow you to enjoy placing bets on your favorite sports and leagues.

1. Don’t use offshore sports betting sites

If you’re struggling to find a local Missouri sportsbook that’s operating legally, you may be tempted to sign up with an offshore sportsbook. There are no laws in the United States which explicitly don’t allow all locals to bet with overseas sports betting websites. However, this doesn’t mean it’s a solution for Missouri residents.

There are more cons than cons when it comes to these offshore sportsbooks, the biggest of which is that you may struggle to withdraw your winnings. The movement of money from overseas is not easy for Americans and so might never see your winnings. In addition, it’ll be easier for you to fall prey to illegitimate sportsbooks because they are not regulated by American laws.

2. Take advantage of sports betting bonuses

One of the first things you should look out for when you choose an online wagering site is their sports betting bonuses. Check their promotions page to see what they are currently running in terms of betting bonuses. You can also look out for promo codes from affiliate sites, for example. These will unlock betting bonuses that you could use as a new sign up on the sportsbook’s site.

A bonus gives you the chance to reduce your losses if you lose a bet. As a beginner, bonuses are always a good idea because you can experiment with them as you learn your way around the online betting scene. Some of the most popular bonuses you can receive on Missouri sports betting sites are:

3. Check the sports betting site has your preferred payment method

In this context, payment methods refer to both depositing and withdrawing funds. It’s important that the sportsbook has your preferred payment methods because this adds to a pleasant experience with them. If depositing and withdrawing is a stressful experience for you, then you’re unlikely to bet with them again.

Check that they have common payment options such as debit and credit cards, as well as e-wallets such as PayPal and Neteller. These are quick and will have your funds reflected almost immediately. However, remember to check for transaction fees on both the sportsbook’s side and your bank’s side.

4. Build a bankroll

Good money management when you’re placing bets on sports is very important, especially when you want to fully enjoy the experience. In addition, it adds to all punters’ desires to gamble responsibly. There’s nothing worse than losing control and ending up overspending with online sports betting.

Building a bankroll can start off with making use of your bonus winnings. Instead of immediately making a withdrawal, rather use this credit to place more bets around the sportsbook. Will will help you to responsibly build a bankroll and continue to enjoy your betting activities without affecting your pockets too much.

5. Make sure the sports betting lets you wager on your favorite sports

While all of the above is great to keep in mind, you’re going to want to bet on sports you actually enjoy and fully understand. A good sportsbook will have a wide variety of sports from different international markets.

Check that the sportsbook has the sports you like before going through the process of registering with this. This will help to avoid disappointment down the line when you’re finally ready to place some bets.


Who regulates online sports betting in Missouri?

The Missouri Gaming Commission is the natural regulator of sports betting in Missouri. They’ve been taking care of the casino and lottery side of things for years and so make the best choice for online sports betting as well. They use their knowledge of regulating other gambling activities in the state to guide sportsbooks on how best to operate while also protecting punters.

What is the legal age to bet on sports online in Missouri?

You need to be over the age of 18 if you want to legally place bets on sports in Missouri. This is in line with laws around gambling in casinos, and playing the lottery. You’ll be asked to verify your age when you sign up for the sportsbook. This verification is usually in the form of providing a copy of your government-issued ID.

Is it illegal to bet on sports with my friends in Missouri?

It’s not illegal to bet with friends as long as you’re doing it through a licensed sportsbook in Missouri. The social side of betting is what makes it so enjoyable and so, you and your friends can enjoy some friendly competition as you legally place games on your favorite sports.

Is Daily Fantasy Sports betting legal in MO?

Yes, Daily Fantasy Sports betting is legal in MO. You can place bets on your teams and share your results with your friends if you wish to do so. DFS has been legal in Missouri since 2016 after Governor Jay Nixon signed a bill to legalize it.