There are several mobile sports betting apps in Missouri where you can sign up to bet on your favorite teams and even win money. This guide will discuss everything you need to know about the best betting apps in Missouri.

Best betting apps in Missouri

DraftKings app Missouri Best betting app for iPhone
FanDuel app Missouri Best betting app for NFL betting
PointsBet app Missouri Best betting app for NHL betting
BetRivers app Missouri Best betting app for Android

We have reviewed and tested all major sports betting brands available in the state and here is the list of the best betting apps in Missouri:

FanDuel betting app Missouri

If you are a fan of fast and convenient betting, then your expectations lie FanDuel betting app Missouri. FanDuel is widely spread in Missouri as a daily fantasy sports service provider. The sports betting application works on both Android and iPhones and is highly appreciated among punters across the state. FanDuel is also known for its free bets and sign-up bonuses, where you can get extra funds to your betting account without having to deposit more.

PointsBet betting app Missouri

According to the reviews posted on this betting app, the site offers innovative features and promotions to its clients. It is functionally easy to use for both new and existing customers. The advantages of PointsBet app Missouri are; It offers a high-quality app experience to its customers. There are many sports and betting types offered in the app. It has unique features and promotions.

DraftKings betting app Missouri

DraftKings is one of the most well-known online betting apps across the country. They offer a vast variety of different sports and bet types to all of their users. It has a nice and sleek design and lets you bet on many different markets. DraftKings also offers deposit bonuses to its new clients, meaning you can build a bigger bankroll when you’re a beginner to test out the different aspects of the app.

BetRivers betting app Missouri

BetRivers betting app Missouri is available online both for iOS and Android devices. For one to use it, he/she needs to download it and sign. Despite it having an app, most of its customers prefer to bet on the online sportsbook version of this site. By using the app or betting on a web browser, you will save time by going to look for tickets and buy them so that you can place a bet. With this, you can bet at your own convenience. BetRivers has got various promotions provided to betters who take advantage of it at any time. This is one of the best sports betting app bonuses in Missouri.

No, mobile betting apps are currently not legal in Missouri. The growing push for legalizing online betting across the United States may change that in the future though. A bill to legalize sports betting in Missouri is in progress and is being discussed. The bill is sponsored by Reps. Phil Christofanelli and Dan Houx. In this bill, betting on school competitions is prohibited.

How to sign up for & download a betting app in MO

It is easy to sign up at any betting app in Missouri. The whole process is quick and even beginners will find it easy to create an account. It will take you a few minutes to sign up and start betting on your favorite teams. Here is everything you need to know when signing up for a betting app in MO:

1. Go to Play or the App Store

The first step when signing up for any betting app in MO is going to the Play or the App Store. Here, you will find some popular betting apps that you can download on your mobile phone or any other device. Before deciding on the Missouri sportsbook that you are going to use, you can consider online reviews from some online users as well as the rating of the app. Be sure of going for those apps with the best online reviews. They should also be rated highly.

2. Download your preferred Missouri betting app

Once you have gone to the play or app store and selected your preferred Missouri sports betting app, the next step will be to download it to your mobile phone. Whether you are using an android device or iOS, you can download various sports betting apps Missouri and install them on your phone. It is important to remember that some betting apps may not have downloadable versions.

3. Create an account with your details.

Every betting app in Missouri will require you to sign up with your personal details. This is meant to ensure that your account is safe and secure. You will be required to provide your username or email address. They may also want to know your age and gender. Nearly all betting apps in Missouri will not allow you to create an account if you do not meet the required legal age of 18 years. In addition, you will have to create your own password which you will be using to sign in to your account.

Your password should be unique and no one else should know about it. This will ensure that another person does not access your account and even withdraw any money from the account. If you accept the terms and conditions of the betting site and send to them your details, they will send a verification email to you. Once you verify it, you will be good to go. Most betting apps are safe and secure and will ensure that your personal details are not accessed by any intruders.

4. Use promo code

A betting bonus promo code (also known as a bookmaker promotion code, bonus code, or voucher code) is a special code that unlocks welcome bonuses, free bet offers, and enhanced odds. You can also use it to enter a special promotion with the online betting app.

A promo code is mostly used when signing up at a betting app for the first time. Those who sign up with it can claim an introductory offer or a welcome bonus. Although promo codes are mostly aimed at new customers, they can also be used to make a deposit into the account in order to get additional deposit bonuses.

5. Deposit

For you to start betting you need to make a deposit in your betting site account. Most betting sites have got a minimum amount for placing a bet. The amount differs depending on the site you are using. Some will have a minimum of $1 depending on their market dominance. It is advisable that you bet responsibly. Since betting is all about risk, it is advisable that the person betting, deposits what he/she can afford to lose.

6. Start betting

To start betting, there are various factors one should consider. The factors are as listed below. Set aside a sum of money that you can afford to lose. This is because gambling is a risky game that has only two outcomes; win or lose. Carefully select a sport based on your experience.

Experience will help you make an informed decision with a high probability of winning. Choosing a sport without good experience in it will put you in a position that is considered highly risky. If you don’t have an existing account, pick an online bookmaker and open a new account. Learn how the odds work before using your real money. Also, carefully explore common wagers available. Once you are familiar with this basic knowledge, you now stand a chance to start betting and winning.

Betting apps in MO tips

Before venturing into a betting app, you should have full information on what it is all about, how it works and the returns expected from it. In the past, most people have been betting without knowledge on how it should be done. Follow our tips for betting apps below.

  • Sign up for a MO betting app that offers a sign-up bonus – As a first time client, you should consider signing up in an app that provides sign-up bonuses. This will increase your stakes on your first bets as you look forward to turning the bonus into real money after win. Most betting apps give sign-up bonuses depending on the amount you will put in as your first deposit. You should make sure that you deposit a good amount of money to increase your sign-up bonus.
  • Learn the market – Just like any other business, a new person who is planning to venture into the same should first learn the market behavior. In this scenario, you should learn the market in terms of odds available and the types offered. For example, one should study the market and find out whether the MO gambling site has covered games in which he is best in, or he has experience in. This will help you to make an informed decision thus reducing chances of you losing your money. As a new gambler, ensure you take every precaution seriously so that you get the value of your money from the site you are using. By learning your market trends, betting will be enjoyable, and you can be sure of making large sums of money as profits.
  • Compare odds on different betting apps – Differentiate betting apps have got different odds. As a person with intentions of betting, you should not just rely on one app. Consider comparing the odds of one app with another and see the difference. This will help you make a judgement on which ticket to consider placing with your money. If you are keen on trends in odds changes, you will be able to notice the best option for your investment. Comparing odds in different apps also helps you to invest in an app that has got good returns on your capital. This is because most apps give you possible wins based on the value of your stake multiplied by the odds given.
  • Build a bankroll – Everyone’s goal is to build their bankroll quickly as early as possible. Despite this being everyone’s goal, many people remain in low stakes for several years before realizing their goals.
  • Increase your skill level in betting – This can only be done with consistent playing and noting various key points where possible. This will help you identify the trend and trick in winning thus increasing your skills towards winning. You should always do your best to stand out as the best in gambling. This will make you a master in betting thus realizing major profits
  • Play good games to build your bankroll – No one ventures into the betting industry with an aim of making losses, if you do, then you are on your own. A person venturing in betting with an intent to build his/her bankroll quickly will always consider playing games that are less risky in terms of losing. This is because his major aim is to win.
  • Stake big – As discussed earlier, the amount you expect to win depends on the number of odds in the sports betting apps Missouri multiplied by the amount you stake. The higher the stake, the higher the possible win and the lower the stake the lower the possible win.
  • Bet smart – Betting smart can be done by following a few of the tips here, such as – Follow a tipster. Most tipsters do a lot of research on various games before recommending any. Although they might not be 100% correct, at least they can give you a clue on what to start on as a basis of your decision before you place a bet. Take small returns. You might have come across people getting high returns, and you also anticipate for them without taking into consideration the risks involved. The high returns expected mean nothing until they win the bet. As a person considering betting smart to reduce losses, you should consider small and frequent returns. This will give you a long term accumulation of money. Consider understanding all betting markets. This will help you shop for a market which you are sure of. It has a high probability of winning. Don’t fear losing a bet. Any person venturing in betting should always be sure that gambling has got two options. You either win or you lose. So you should not fear losing.


Do I need to be 21 to download a betting app in Missouri?

Yes, you need to be 21 to download a betting app in Missouri. There are some other sites that have a lower age limit. They include; 16 years for charity games and 18 for lottery and pari-mutuel betting.

Can I use a betting app outside of Missouri?

Yes, you can use a betting app outside of Missouri. Make sure to check the state you are in local laws though. As online betting may not be legal there, and you could be breaking the law.

How to check if a Missouri betting app is legit?

To find out if a betting app in Missouri is legit, scroll down on its website to check if the operator of the website is licensed. This information should be clearly displayed on all legitimate betting sites.