In this review, we will explain how Mastercard betting sites in Missouri work. We will also explain how to deposit and withdraw funds from betting sites that accept Mastercard. Stick around to find out more.

About Mastercard betting sites in MO

All sports betting sites in Missouri that accept MasterCard are safe and trustworthy. These betting platforms offer several games and tournaments to their players for betting. A few also allow live betting from their platforms. Betting sites that accept Mastercard offer several kinds of bets and betting markets to their customers.

Kinds of bets available on Mastercard betting sites in MO

Some common bets you can place on Mastercard betting sites in Missouri are:

  • Parlays
  • Spreads
  • Moneylines
  • Over/ Under
  • Props, and many more.

Pros and fresh players find Mastercard betting sites exceptional because these platforms can be used across devices. Furthermore, all these betting sites in Missouri have a range of betting bonuses and other rewards for their players.

The best MasterCard betting sites in Missouri

There are several betting sites in Missouri that offer the above-mentioned features. The top ones are:

DraftKings Missouri

DraftKings betting platform has Daily Fantasy Sports, sportsbook, and an online casino. Many gamblers consider DraftKings the best provider of Daily Fantasy Sports, where you can create teams and bet on players.

DraftKings offers several bonuses and rewards to professional gamblers and fresh players. You can receive these rewards with the help of promo codes. As a secure betting and betting platform, Draftkings provides an elevated level of security to its players.Finally, this sportsbook delivers 24/7 customer service to its customers.

PointsBet Missouri

PointsBet has a sportsbook in Missouri and an online casino. The main feature of PointsBet is its PointsBet wallet which lets players switch funds from the casino to the sportsbook and vice-versa. Players can receive several rewards from this sportsbook. With these promos and bonuses, gamblers can try new games and land big wins on major tournaments, such as NHL and NBA.

PointsBet claims to provide the maximum number of betting markets on the four major US sports – NBA, NHL, NFL, and MLB. Players can wager bets using PointsBet’s user-friendly mobile app and website.

If players land in any betting -related problem, they can contact this sportsbook with live chat. Gamblers can also email PointsBet and resolve their problems. Another option is to look up the FAQ section for troubleshooting their problems. Players can pay and deposit money on this platform using Mastercard and other payment options.

BetRivers Missouri

The BetRivers sportsbook offers free bets, risk-free bets and other promotions to its customers. Players can lay standard bets as well as in-plays from this betting platform. What’s more, gsmblers have a wide range of games and tournaments to choose from.

BetRivers provides a secure and safe betting platform to its customers. All payments on this website are protected by the latest encryption technologies.

Types of Mastercard to use on betting sites in Missouri

Mastercard has had several names in the past. It was known as Interbank between 1966 and 1969. Mastercard had a new name between 1969 and 1978, MasterCharge. From 1979 until 2020, there was another new name, and this was MasterCard. The present name, Mastercard came about only in 2021.

Mastercard was the result of several regional banks coming together in the late 1960s. Over the years, this credit and debit card issuer has become the preferred payment provider of thousands of betting sites and gamblers.

Mastercard offers several payment products, so keep reading.

  • Debit Mastercard – With a debit Mastercard, you can pay money to your sports book immediately. Many banks issue debit cards to their customers. The best part of these cards is that you don’t have to track the payment cycle, because all the payment is instant and straight from your account. Many banks aligned with Mastercard offer debit cards to their customers.
  • Credit Mastercard – Credit Mastercard is the common credit card millions of cardholders use to buy movie tickets, groceries, and other items. With a credit Mastercard, you can not only make deposits, but also reload your sportsbook accounts. However, unlike a debit card, you must make payments to your bank in time to avoid penalties.
  • Prepaid Mastercard – A prepaid Mastercard card helps you limit expenses and prevent you from overspending on betting sites. Since every prepaid Mastercard has an upper value, you can’t spend more than this value unless you reload it. There are three main advantages of using a prepaid Mastercard including you don’t need a bank account, there are no interest charges, and no credit checks are required.
  • Gift Mastercard – A gift Mastercard works like the Mastercard Debit Card. You can use this card in places which accept debit cards.

Benefits and drawbacks of using Mastercard on betting sites in Missouri

Before you start using betting sites that accept Mastercard, take a minute to understand the pros and cons of this payment method.


  • Ease of use – One of the main points in favor of Mastercard betting sites in Missouri is the simplicity. Many betting sites have a straightforward process to use these cards. In some Missouri sportsbooks, you don’t even require an account to use Mastercard debit and credit cards.
  • Security – All Mastercard payments are safe. These cards authenticate every payment through OTPs. Not only that, Mastercard payments work with advanced technologies, such as SSL and military-grade encryption.
  • Fast payments – With Mastercard, you can deposit money quickly. Withdrawals are also quick, and your payments reach your accounts within a few days.

However, this payment gateway has some disadvantages also.


  • Transaction fees – All Mastercard payments involve transaction fees. However, these fees are usually lower than what is charged by virtual wallets.
  • Limited acceptance – Even though Mastercard is accepted all over the world, some betting sites in Missouri may not accept this payment method.
  • Using borrowed money – Since it is the bank’s credit you are using to pay your deposits, any defaults lead to penalties.

Best MasterCard betting site alternatives in Missouri


How do I check if an online sportsbook in Missouri accepts Mastercard?

You can check if an online sportsbook in Missouri accepts Mastercard by going to the bottom of the betting site's homepage. In this area, you can find the names of all the payment providers for that betting site. Alternatively, you can also find this information in the Payments tab.

Is Mastercard a safe option to use on betting sites in MO?

Yes, Mastercard is a safe option to use on betting sites in MO. This payment instrument safeguards your payments in many ways. First, every time you make a payment, your card issuer will send you an OTP to authenticate your transaction. This password comes in either your mailbox or to the phone. Unless you confirm this OTP within a few minutes, your payment will not be processed. Second, all payments in Mastercard are encrypted. This means hackers can't steal your information. That said, please use a secure internet connection while making payments through Mastercard. Using public Wi-Fi means others can easily see your password, and other critical information.

Does DraftKings online sportsbook accept Mastercard in Missouri?

Yes, DraftKings accepts Mastercard in Missouri. You can use Mastercard debit cards, credit cards and electronic gift cards to make transactions. Remember to double check if there will be any fees though.