In this article, we will discuss risk-free bets in Missouri. This includes a rundown of everything you need to know. Including, what risk-free bets are, the pros and cons, how to receive this type of bonus, and much more.

What are risk-free bets in MO?

Risk-free bets in MO are bonuses given to betting clients who register on betting sites and deposit money. Most betting sites introduce this offer as a way of encouraging more people to register with their platforms.

Risk-free bets in Missouri can be used to place a bet so that the player can get real money if they win, and lose nothing if the bet doesn’t go as planned. As a new player, you need to note that this bonus given as risk-free bets cannot be withdrawn without placing a bet.

Example of a risk-free bet

If you deposit 100$ on a Missouri sportsbook that offers a risk-free bet, you can place a wager using your funds. If you win the bet, you’ll keep the full amount of the wager. If you on the other hand lose the bet, you’ll get 100$ as a refund to your betting account.

Advantages and disadvantages of risk-free bets

Risk-free bets on betting sites in Missouri have got advantages and disadvantages. Read more about the most important ones below:

Advantages of risk-free bets

  • Opportunity to make cash – The availability of risk free bets in Missouri has helped people to make cash from the bonuses given on their sites. This is because the no-deposit bonus encourages more people to register and start betting since they won’t need to invest their real money with their first deposit.
  • Easy to get started – Get betting immediately when you receive a free bet. This is because the new customer will not need to start looking for money so that they can start betting. Some platforms have long deposit procedures that may be hard for new customers. The availability of risk free bets can solve such problems mostly when the customer wants to place a bet immediately after completing his/her registration.
  • Convenience – Risk free bets make betting online more convenient since the player can play online anywhere at any time. There is no need to look for more cash to start betting. There are platforms that have got expensive deals: thus, their clients cannot play their games anywhere they feel like playing. The introduction of risk free bet has at least created convenience in most betting sites in MO.
  • Entertaining – betting is enjoyable. If not regulated, betting may make you addicted. This is because most players do enjoy betting since they get entertained with it, and at the same time, they earn from it to make a living. It is also important to note that you should always consider betting responsibly to avoid spending too much on betting.

Disadvantages of risk-free bets

There are several disadvantages associated with risk-free bets as discussed below:

  • Strings attached – You might find a platform that is giving free bets, but you must lose the first game. In this case, the platform will ensure that you don’t win so that they won’t pay. They force you to bet more before they pay you. In this regard, the betting sites will not approve your withdrawal until you reach a certain account balance. This makes many customers give up on betting using the platform. Some are forced to make more deposits so that they can increase the account balance before they withdraw.

How to get a risk-free bet in Missouri

There are several ways one can get promotional risk-free bets in Missouri. As a starter, you can get these bonuses as a new customer after registering. This means it is a sign-up bonus that helps the sportsbook to attract new customers. Follow the guide below in order to claim a risk-free bet in MO:

  • Find a promo code – A sports betting promo code refers to unique numbers and letters generated by a specific sportsbook to encourage new customers to create a betting account. For you to get a risk-free bet, you must have a promotional code. A promo code helps you to validate a betting bonus and claim it. After registering on an online betting platform in Missouri, you will receive a promotional code; use the promotional code to claim a bonus for your betting.
  • Join an online sportsbook that offers risk-free bets – Join an online platform that has genuine risk free bets. To find a genuine platform with genuine risk-free bet bonuses, check on customer reviews. If it has positive feedback from customers, it is a genuine betting site, and you can register to claim your bonus. If the sportsbook has negative customer feedback, don’t risk it since you might end up losing your money.
  • Read the risk-free bet T&Cs – Before getting risk-free bets, you must read the terms and conditions of the sportsbook. If you can meet the terms and conditions, click the button to agree and proceed.

Tips for risk-free betting in Missouri

Risk-free bets are a great way for bettors to enjoy betting apps in Missouri. A few guidelines you should follow include:

  • T&Cs – Ensure you understand the basic terms and conditions for the risk free bets.
  • Legitimacy – Make sure the betting site is legit and will pay out if your risk free bet wins.
  • Build a bankroll – Risk free bets allow you to possibly win and build your bankroll without risking your own money.


Does DraftKings in Missouri offer risk-free bets?

Yes, DraftKings in Missouri usually has risk-free bet promotions for its customers. Some of the offers that Draftkings offers in Missouri include boosted odds and bonuses on the first deposit. The bonus on the first deposit is called a welcome bonus. This bonus is used to place bets so that you can withdraw real money after winning.

Does a risk-ree bet have an expiration date?

Most risk-free bets have an expiry date. As a player, you should consider placing a bet before the expiry of the promo code given. Since this is a marketing strategy, it has a limited time of existence, so you should use it before as it remains valid for the period.

Why do betting sites in Missouri offer risk-free bets?

Most betting sites in Missouri offer risk-free bets to encourage customers to join their platforms. Most sportsbook risk-free bets are given as a strategy of countering the existing business competition in Missouri.